We created AnzuMedical to help physicians stay current with professional medical knowledge and best practice in the 21st century. I’m convinced that this powerful resource will make us better physicians.

About Anzu

Anzu is a joint venture by physicians and technologists. It was co-founded by Barry Fernando and Mark Phelps. Barry Fernando graduated in Chemistry from the University of Arizona. He has been an aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon in Phoenix for more than 20 years. He has been recognized by his peers as one of the top doctors in Phoenix. He also authored and co-authored many book chapters and journal articles. Mark Phelps graduated in Philosophy from the University of Arizona. He has been actively involved with all aspects of the Anzu software program.


Anzu wanted an application that enabled them to retrieve medical journals right in their finger tips. If a physician wanted to look up any information, he would go find the book or journal, and then search for the information in it. This was time consuming, and wasted the physician’s precious time. The time could have been better utilized in serving patients.


AnzuMedical was the solution developed for the client. The application was built for iPad using native iOS app. AnzuMedical enabled users to download medical journals and publications and view them in their iPad. You could highlight any text from the journal or publication and attach a note to it. The note could be a comment or other reference used to better understand the text. You could also download images, audio, and video. Notes could also be attached to them.
AnzuMedical enabled you to create binders which helped in organizing the downloaded documents. You could name a binder surgery and move all surgery related documents, audio, video, and images to it. This enabled you to quickly access topics. The application included an advanced search feature that quickly searched any publication or journal.


AnzuMedical reduced the time it took physicians to research on a topic. Clinical cases, CME, and publications by American Society of Plastic Surgery and by American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery were quickly available to users to download and view. This helped them to stay up to date with developments in the industry.


AnzuMedical app became popular in the medical industry. American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery set up an account in the AnzuMedical app which allowed users to access all the documents and journals published by the society. It also gave users access to the society’s content rich library, RADAR Resource, which has been storing journals and publications published since 1995.