4 ways to boost your Christmas Sales

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Christmas is here, the season of giving. A record number of people are going to be shopping online to buy gifts for their loved ones. Every Christmas, many people shop online for gifts, and this year it won’t be any different. In fact, more people are expected to shop online this time.

1. Aggressive Advertizing

With a huge shopper turnout expected, this is the best time for eStores to advertize their products. Aggressively advertizing within the next few days will help increase product sales. eStores should advertize through every channel to reap benefits including print media and outdoor advertizing. Having an ad in the newspaper or a billboard along the highway will get attention and help boost sales.

2. Social Media Advertizing

The best way to advertize is through Social Media as the message quickly reaches the masses. Google Adwords advertizing is good as the ads target specific customers. Pinterest in becoming an important tool for advertizing products since it has the most referral traffic of all the social media sites.

3. Reward Customers

Another way eStores can attract shoppers is to send newsletters to existing customers and offer them discount or free gift wrapping on purchase of a product. This will get attention, and can lead to increased sales.

4. Royal Treatment

Customers love loyal treatment. When you mail or email a Christmas card to your customer, there is a high chance the customer will be touched by it. It’ll motivate him to shop online from your store. Customers remain loyal shoppers when they are offered discounts or other privileges.


Only few days are left for Christmas, and eStores should take advantage now before it’s too late.

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