Drupal 7 .. What’s new

By July 25, 2013 Drupal No Comments
Drupal 7 new

Drupal has been around for some time and will be there for much longer because of a powerful framework that allows it to evolve with the growing needs of the web. I will review some of the features that are there in the upcoming release of Drupal 7. While Drupal 6 provided ease with drag and drop administration, easy addition of new languages, added core modules like workflow, OpenID. Security and improvements to other small things, Drupal 7 promises much more.

One of the things you always had to do when doing a basic install of Drupal was to install the WYSIWYG module right after that. Well you won’t have to do that anymore since Drupal 7 will come with WYSIWYG module in the core. It will have a better database support for PostGresql and a QueryBuilder in the core.

Drupal 7 will also come with Content Creation Kit (CCK) Module in the core for creating new content types as Fields modules. You will be able to add fields not only to content types but to terms as well as the user profiles which will mean that you can extend anything.

For the Geeks, it will have MasterSlave, Transactions and SQLite support in the Database area. Well that’s all for now. I will keep you posted when i come to know about any other major changes.