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Apple at its 27th Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) mega event of 2016 in San Francisco made plenty of announcements. According to the Craig Federighi Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering that “iOS 10 is our biggest release yet for users”. This new release has fixed many bugs and improved performance. iOS10 is introducing fabulous new features. Some of its features are modified like maps, notification, widgets and the power use of Siri while others are totally new like iMessage platform. These blazing new features are a blast for iPhone, iPad, and iPod lovers. Developer preview for iOS10 is available now and a public beta is coming this July. It is expected that iOS10 will be available for downloading by this fall. Before getting into any details let’s have a look at its 10 big features which we believe are going to bring a whole new type of applications to the app store as well as significantly improve the existing applications out there. Video


Raise To Wake:

ios-10-auto-wake-screen So busy?? Got a few seconds to check notifications? Without touching your home button or sensor?? Its new exciting “raise to wake” feature is super cool. Raise your wrist and your phone lights up. lock screen2 In iOS 10, Apple redesigned the lock screen with interactive notifications. The notifications no longer blur your lock screen and can be managed on the lock screen with enhanced 3D-Touch. You can simply use 3D-Touch to interact with apps on your lock screen without opening them or you can clear all the notifications on lock screen. Sliding to the left of the lock screen will open up a camera while sliding to the right will open up different widgets. You get the control panel if you swipe up from the bottom which is completely redesigned. The bottom screen is also swappable, that can get you access to your music.


siri2 Third Party apps can now use Siri. This is the biggest and most talked about update of iOS 10. With this feature, users will do more as compared to the past. It allows you to send text messages via slack, WhatsApp and WeChat. Now you can book your ride using Siri with Uber, Lyft, and Didi in china. This modified Siri feature allows you to do online payments using SquareShare and Alipay. Photo search can be done with your voice through apps like Shutterfly, IM, and Pinterest using Siri. Last but not the least VoIP feature. Now you can initiate skype and Vonage calls with your voice. Siri API is now open up for developers. If you are an app developer, you can now allow users to use Siri to perform tasks in your app.

QuickType Keyboard:

quicktype2 iOS10 covers the broader context of what you’re typing. This QuickType keyboard now has deeper learning and also has Siri’s intelligence that gives smarter and intelligent suggestions. It predicts what you might type next. It enables much more intelligence in larger context. Siri can help you do responses, you might get asked: “where are you?” Siri will suggest at the suggestion bar to send your current location. This is really smart. QuickType also supports multilingual typing. Let’s suppose you are typing between Spanish and English, so you don’t have to switch keyboard, QuickType will follow you automatically. This feature also can check your calendar, automatic reminders, recent addresses, contact information and more.


photos2 We love to capture photos on our iPhone. With iCloud photo library, we can store those photos across all of our devices. Now iOS10 provides easier ways to experience those photos like places etc, iOS10 allows you to see all of your photos on a map. Using the advanced deep learning techniques of advanced computer vision, it recognizes the face. It can create people albums for you automatically and it’s all done locally on your device ,no storage in any other place. Same kind of technology is also applied to objects and scene recognition. iOS10, using advanced computer vision is now doing an analysis of the right part of videos to include right photos, right moods and also right music to edit highlights and create a small movie clip for you automatically. That’s pretty epic. iOS10 is using advanced artificial intelligence to analyze photos on your device and having a new tab memories. In memories, the AI clusters together all of your photos and relates them based on locations, peoples, and scenes. It combines together photos from last year, from last weekend and brings it to you.

Apple Maps:

maps Apple also opened up maps to the developers. Developers can enable all new capabilities with the map extensions. In iOS10, maps also got all new design to make it more useful. The new design makes it easy to access controls and details on locations. You can also see suggestions when you slide up from the bottom on maps. Because maps know that I go to work usually at this time or it can have a look at a calendar and find a location. iOS10 is now applying more information and new designs on navigations. It also includes traffic on a route to make it more easy than ever. When you are driving, it automatically zooms in and when you have a long straightaway road it automatically zooms out and you can see the traffic ahead. It can also tell you alternate routes. Now you can also see food and gas stations on your route and maps also gives you an approximate time that how longer will it take to go there.

Apple Music:

music Apple Music has updated and the interface has been changed too with a simple and clean design. Its first tab is now your library where you can store all of your playlists, albums, songs, artists and a new section called downloaded music. In iOS10, Apple Music has also support for lyrics. Its browse tab allows you to search across trending music, different genres and curated music etc. and the radio tab is now live in almost 100 countries.

Apple News:

news Apple News brings you great stories from famous publishers all personalized for you. In iOS10, it also has some changes like breaking them into clear sections to make them easier to follow. Top stories, trending news and all of the topics you follow are the major sections. This new Apple News also enables you to purchase a subscription of your favorite publications. It also provides breaking news notifications.

Apple Home:

Apple-Home Apple is making sure that with apple Homekit your home automation products work well together and securely. Apple added a new set of accessories to the HomeKit like cameras and door locks. In iOS10, Apple introduced a new app called Home. From Apple Home, you can control and manage all the associated accessories. If you want to turn on the lights all you need to do is to tap, tap, tap. It also has a feature called the scenes that can cause change at a time. For example, when you tap on Goodnight, it closes all the shades of your home, locks the front door and turns off the lights. Siri also knows about scenes when you say Good morning to Siri, Siri gets all your home get ready for the day. Apple Home also receives notifications like when someone rings the doorbell, you can get the live feed of your front door camera, talk to them and unlock the door. You can also find apple Home in the swipe up the control panel. Apple Watch will also have built in Home-Control support.

Apple Phone:

phone iOS10 is introducing voicemail transcription for incoming calls. It has been smarter. Now, voicemail can be converted into texts. To avoid spam calls, Apple is working with third parties like Ten Cent.


messages Messages are the frequently used app on iOS in which people share photos or send links. Now in iOS10, when you send a link it automatically shows the title and if you send a video it plays it right there inside the messages. In iOS10, emoji for messages have also been updated and have made them 3X bigger in the transcript. You can also receive emoji predictions. You just highlight the words and can replace it with emoji. Apple introduced Bubble Effects in iOS10, which is super amazing. Sometimes you can send personal messages with the invisible ink or a surprise message when you swipe you finger across the text appears or the picture appears. Texts in which you are saying “Happy Birthday” or “Congratulations” will cover up the whole screen with the animated balloons. iOS10 messages will also support handwritten messages. All these iMessage features are just WOW.

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