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Node.js Programmers

“In this article, I collected the list of all the useful top resources for Node.JS programmers. The resources include tutorials, videos, podcasts, ebooks and documentations.”

If you want to explore the basic Node.JS fundamentals, it is the best time for you to work on. Node.JS is the JavaScriptruntime built on V8 engine, used to develop the scalable network applications. It is the latest solution for developing web based network applications .

We have collected a list of resources that can help you in starting your career in Node.JS web development as a newbie, or polish your skills as an experienced developer.

The resources include tutorials, videos, screencasts, books, courses, documentations, blogs, podcasts, JS resource and many other problem solving sites on the web.

Here we have a list of useful resources

  • Pluralsight
  • Node.JS Documentation
  • Nodeconf (Event based-new version features enhancement news)
  • MEAN Web Development (Ebook)
  • The New Boston (video tutorials)
  • Planet node.js
  • Mastering Node.JS (TJ HolowayChuk)
  • Stack Overflow (problem-solving site)


Pluralsight lets you learn your skills online. It is a platform for learning Node.JS with proficiency and certification. Other than Node.JS, you can learn anything relevant to the web development.
They have beautifully made a procedure to interact with the user. They are providing a learning path for the user and then rank them for their expertise after the successful completion of their courses.
The services they offer is not free. You can enjoy only 10-days free trial of the course. Other than the 10 days free trial, you can order Individual package ($24/month) or Business Package ($41/month) for additional services.

Node.JS Documentation

Node.JS Documentation
Node.JS community provides excellent guidance on their own platform. On the, you can read Node.JS documentation available for all the versions of Node. I think, this is one of the ideal resources to learn Node.

Any new version come with its documentation have clearly defined all the functionalities in it. This website has 3 types of documentations:

  • API Reference Documentation: That contains the detailed information of objects and functions or method in any version of Node. API docs contain docs of previous releases. Here is the official link.
  • ES6 Features:This section has thorough information about three of the ES6 groups. You can also find the relevancy of any version of the V8 engine with the particular Node.JS release. here is the link for its documentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This section includes the general discussion on problem-solving. It includes the interaction of community with GitHub and IRC. Here is the link for its documentation.

Node Conf

node-conf-node js-resource
NodeConf is the event-based learning platform in the world of Node.JS Developers. It is celebrated annually for Node.JS community.

It is the 3-days event for the Node.JS family. The whole day, they organize the activities for all people come there. Also, the stories of the people bringing together technology and business leaders for Node.JS community.
NodeConf 2017 is coming soon. All Node.JS lovers are waiting for this event to enjoy and experience it. The attendees in the NodeConf are very passionate about their career for Node Community. There will be seminars, discussion, and technology relevant talk throughout the day.
Like this event, Node Community is organizing many of the relevant events in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and in South Pacific.
There are 1102 Meetups, 161 Nodeschool event and 22 Conferences planned this year. These events create a passion for Node.JS developer to be a part of it.

MEAN Web Development by Amos Q. Haviv (Ebook)

MEAN.JS is the full stack solution in JavaScript that assists you in making the robust and fast network applications using MongoDB, Express, Angular JS and Node.JS.

This book by ‘Amos Q. Haviv’ is an excellent resource for Node.JS programmers. It will go through the steps in developing a full stack application using Node.JS.

Half of the section of this book is focussed on the basic installation, Node concepts, development, building Express applications, Installing and integrating MongoDB and Mongoose.

Other section includes Angular JS concepts along with the CRUD MEAN module,, Testing and debugging.

So, if I review it as a whole, it will let you know the detailed overview of how to develop a full stack application using MEAN.

Mastering Node.JS by ‘T J HolowayChuk’ (Ebook)

mastering-node js-by-tj-holowaychuk-node-js-resource
Mastering Node.JS is an awesome resource for developing Node applications. It is the open source e-book by Node Hacker for Node Hackers.

The author had beautifully covered all the concepts of Node.JS from installation to the deployment of any Node application.

The first chapter is about the installation of Node with all of its dependencies. Further, he explained the concept of globals, events, modules, buffers, streams, File System, Communication in Network via TCP, Testing, and Deployment.

This book is available for free; you can download it in various formats.

The NewBoston

the-new-boston-node js-resource
The New Boston is the world’s largest platform of Computer and Technology. It is the most fascinating platform for Node.JS beginners to learn Node from the scratch.
You can search whatever you want to learn and the whole series of course will be displayed to you.They are providing courses for programming, web design, video editing, game development and many others.

There are almost over 7000 videos and tutorials available for free, and over 180 million people are enjoying the benefits of online learning.

The thing I like the most is, they guide the users/student from the very basic level. Like for example, you can see here. You will see how they organize all the video tutorials for Node.JS. All of the video tutorials are self-explanatory, run-time code demonstration and animated videos that help user in brainstorming the key concepts of Node.JS.

Planet NodeJS

planet-node js-resource
It is the platform that contains the latest news from the community. Planet NodeJS is an aggregator of Node.JS developers blogs. All of the blog in this platform are from the various authenticate resources.

Like, you can find the Sitepoint’s article reference in Planet Node.JS site. As an aggregator, they research on different topics and from the authenticate resources, they get the data and use it as a reference in their article. In this way, it authenticates post and user’s level of satisfaction will be twice.
This platform has up to date content. All of the posts are updated daily. You can say it as a link repository for new Node.JS article specifically for Node.JS developers.

Any new release with the feature when launched. It is posted directly to the Planet Node.JS site. If you want to get the latest happening in the Node.JS development, then this is the right place for you to explore.

Node School

nodeschool-node js-resource
NodeSchool is the open-source platform that offers workshops on Web Software Skills. Here, you can get video tutorials, Events, Latest Release Notes, Blogs, and Workshops.

You can start by installing one of their core workshops or subscribe to their free email newsletter. These workshops are usually free; in-person hosted workshop. Anyone can host these workshop. The community here is very active and responsive. For any upcoming event, the notification is sent via email.

You can choose any style tutorials lessons and learn Node.JS, npm and any other relevant tools you want to learn. All of the guidance is placed on the site with authorized code examples on GitHub. You can also contribute to this forum to interact with the community by opening an issue in their FAQ section.


nodeguide-node js-resource
To start your career as a beginner, go for the ‘Felix’s Node.JS Guide’. Felix Geisendörfer, is an early Node.JS core contributor, for the past few years. He has done many seminars and consultation on developing Node.JS applications.

He compiled this guide, to help people finding all the solutions regarding Node.JS on a single platform.

I found this guide really helpful, because all of the proper documentation and stepwise solution from installing Node.JS to deployment. The multiple chapters in the guide brainstorm the key concepts of Node.JS.

There is no styling or CSS on its website, but the content is really helpful and thorough. We highly recommend this guide for newbies cracking Node.JS concepts.

Stack Overflow

stack-overflow-node js-resource

Stack Overflow is the language independent platform question-answer site for enthusiast programmers. It is the platform for every development platform like Java, C#, Node.JS, Python and many others.

Stack overflow works on the principle of upvoting the certain answers on the platform. The most authenticate answer from the community is finally approved. So, viewer will find the most approved answer regarding their issue. Most of the issues resolve here is in the form of code.

If you really want to learn more, then answer other’s problem here, you will learn more. Stackoverflow emails you relevant question-answer to engage with their community. Don’t ask question that are opinion-based, ask something that is discussion-based. You can get reputation for your answers.

We highly recommend this site for any issue you face during learning or developing Node.JS applications.

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