Complete set of web and mobile apps revolutionizing communication and care coordination for senior living communities


Asif served about 8 years in various Senior and Global Product Marketing roles at GE Healthcare IT. Before leaving GE Healthcare in late 2010, Asif was responsible for a portfolio of healthcare products generating $140 million annually with over 3000 customers (Hospitals and large clinics) worldwide.


We were approached by Asif Khan and his team to develop the solution for improving communication and coordination in senior healthcare facilities for his new startup called “CareMerge” through a reference. Their goal was to get the first version ready in 5-6 months timeframe.


Asif Khan CEO CareMerge
“ Vizteck has been an extraordinary partner for Caremerge. The team is extremely competent and continues to deliver on time and within budget, again and again. These qualities are very hard to find in a development partner anywhere in the world. We know it because we have experience working with development partners in various parts of the world. We are very excited to see Vizteck’s growth and look forward to being a part of it. ”


Asif and his team provided us with detailed requirements of the system. After analysis, we decided to choose CodeIgnitor as a framework for building the system. The system frontend design presented to us was great in usability but used ajax extensively. We selected JQuery for the frontend Javascript library which would also later help in developing a cross platform mobile version of the application using JQuery mobile. The first version of the system was developed in the span of 5 months with a team of 2 developers, 1 team lead and one dedicated quality assurance expert. After getting a great response from the senior healthcare community, further features were developed over a span of one year with feedback from the actual end users.

CareMerge got a lot of recognition in the last 1 year and also won many awards


Member of GE and startup healthcare solutions