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About Fit Ventures

Fit-Ventures LLC was the result of Shore Fitness acquisition by Ryan Rothschild in 2012. He renamed Shore Fitness to Fit-Ventures. Shore Fitness was a health club based in Connecticut that offered personal training, fitness classes, and a kids club. It also offered nutritional products to clients who wanted to improve their fitness level


A fitness company, Fit-Ventur es, needed a system that would enable them to better manage their clients. They needed a cost effective system that could be accessed through the web and through a Smartphone. The system would enable Fit-Ventures to provide its client an exercise plan and help monitor the client’s progress regularly. The system would also be able to sell fitness related products and track sales by its affiliates. Affiliates would be able to market Fit-Ventures services or products, and the system would track commission owed or paid to them


A solution was developed for the client based on the requirements. The solution, Fit-Awesome, was developed which could be accessed from the web and smart phone. For the web, the solution was developed in Drupal. Drupal is a feature rich open source CMS that is search engine friendly and includes an extensive range of modules that can be added to enhance the website functionality. A number of modules like CVRM, Sugar RM, and Infusion were evaluated to be integrated with Drupal. After careful analysis, Infusion was selected to be integrated with Drupal. Infusion offered CRM, marketing tools, ecommerce, and affiliation tool that met the requirements of the client. Infusion is a powerful sales and marketing solution that helps businesses become successful. The smart phone app was developed in Titanium. Titanium enables rapid cross platform development across native iOS and Android. This saves a lot of time as the app can be built in one platform instead of it being built in different platforms.
Fit-Awesome enabled Fit-Ventures to monitor the progress of their clients online and through smart phone. They could track who the client was being trained under, and it allowed them to transfer the client to any other trainer if it was required. They could also monitor how many clients a trainer supervised in order to make sure that a trainer wasn’t overburdened. Fit-Ventures could enter new clients through the smart phone on the spot without having to go to their office to enter the information in the computer or write it manually in a note pad. They could also track the commission of their affiliates. The application listed the affiliates, purchases made through them, and the commission owed or paid to the affiliates.
The client could edit his information through the smart phone, and be able to send a text message to his trainer. He could receive notifications regarding health exercises and choose which meal plan to follow. He could update his progress through the smart phone without having to go to the fitness center. He could also purchase nutritional products through the smart phone without having to go to the store. The order history menu enabled him to view how many products he has purchased, date of purchase, and its price.


Fit-Awesome saved everyone’s time and helped Fit-Ventures manage its client better. Fit-Ventures was able to monitor many clients at the same time and provide better service, whereas the client was able to devout more time to his exercise plan.


Fit-Awesome was liked by both Fit-Ventures and its clients. It saved a lot of time and helped build a strong relationship. Fit-Ventures and its client could exchange information at any time and receive notifications. This gave the client more time to work on his fitness level. paid to them

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