7 Key Benefits of Responsive Design Website

Why one should have a responsive design website? This blog has listed 7 key benefits to answer your query.


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May 13, 2020


Mah Noor


When it comes to website development, responsive designing is the way forward. There are many benefits of it, with businesses and organizations already shifting towards it. Mashable quoted 2013 as the year of Responsive design. Most of them have updated their websites to incorporate a responsive design which would enable them to reap various market benefits.

Brand Credibility

Believe it or not, your customers take a fully responsive website very positively and look at your company as one which is up to date with all the latest trends. This can help many businesses with customers as customers think they are in the right place and in the right hands.


Viewable on Different Devices

One of the major benefits of Responsive Design is that the design is compatible with different devices. An online website can be viewed through a Smartphone or a handheld device without it losing its design. This eliminates the need to have separate websites for each application.


Larger Customer Base

As more people are surfing on the go using their smartphones or tablet, it is important to have a responsive design that will enable customers to easily navigate. An easy-to-navigate website will enable the customer to quickly navigate to the product and buy it. The customer would recommend the website which would help increase customers.


Increased Sales

Having a larger customer base will increase the probability of more people buying the product which will in turn increase sales. Since the design is responsive, the customer is able to easily navigate a product while they’re on the move, and there’s a big chance he or she will buy the product.


Better SEO Ranking

SEO is a vital part of any website. It helps a website achieve a good ranking through search engines. Since more people will be able to browse your website through different devices, it’ll increase website traffic. High website traffic is good for search engines like Google as they give high priority to website traffic when they rank websites. Good website ranking will give you an edge in SEO.


Smart Analytics Use

Google Analytics helps to analyze web traffic. It helps businesses determine which website page is getting more traffic and which is not. Having one website URL makes it easier to analyze through which device are people accessing the website more. If more customers are using a Smartphone to access the website, businesses can use this data to build a Smartphone application just for these customers to enable them a better shopping experience


The responsive website will be versatile as it can be viewed on any device. Images and other media added to a website will automatically be adjusted for viewing on different devices. This helps to save money as separate websites won’t be needed.


Beat the Competition with a Responsive Design

While businesses are still learning about the benefits of responsive design, there is a high chance that your competitor doesn’t have a responsively designed website. This will give you an edge over them as you will grab more customers. Your business will already have an edge over the competition whenever they get a responsive website.

Responsive websites respond according to the user’s needs. The friendlier a website, the much better response it receives. Listed above are only a few of the many benefits of a responsively designed website.

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