8 Marketing Strategies for Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App Marketing Plan: 8 most common and popular food delivery app marketing strategies that you can go for.


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October 6, 2022


Mah Noor


Food delivery services have enormously gained popularity from the year 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and never-ending lockdown situations. According to the New York Times and a recent survey conducted by JD Power, this trend will continue to remain there in our societies because consumers are now used to the convenience food delivery services have provided them.

The COVID-19 period has made people find ways how to start a food delivery app business or how to start a food delivery app. As it was providing opportunities for people and businesses to expand their business and reach a wider audience by being available to them 24/7.

However, just making a food delivery app isn’t enough to do so, you need a complete food delivery app marketing plan to show your online visibility. It demands you research logistics trends, market competition, and the demands of consumers.

If you have a food delivery app that is not giving you the audience response that you expected, it is time for you to devise a strong food delivery app marketing plan.

In this article, Vizteck will be sharing with you some of the strategies that you can include in your food app marketing plan.


Catchy App Name

A catchy name for your brand or app can do wonders beyond imagination for you. Think of a name that is easy to say and easy to recall. Look for food delivery app name ideas and get creative with them, rather than just simply using them. You can later turn it into Word-of-Mouth (WoM) which is a free form of advertising that your consumers provide to your brand specifically because of their experience with you.

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Specify Your Target Audience

Specifying your target audience should be at the top of your food delivery app marketing plan. You are required to conduct certain tests and analyses through which you could get to know about your key demographics and trends in your niche. While doing so, research your competitors. Look for things that they are doing but you are not, which audience they are not targeting but could be useful in your business, and the like. 

A defining question for food delivery apps is to consider their relationship with the food providers. Taking an example, every business has its own goals and it will aggregate a food delivery app based on its own goals. So, it is important to consider these things before planning food delivery app promotion strategies.

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Unique Selling Point (USP)

Once you have specified your target audience and are done with competitors' analysis, it is required for you to focus on your app's USP. Your app needs to have a standing point in the market to distinguish it from others. USP enables you to develop your messaging, choose the communication channel for your app and deliver your app values to the users. For food delivery apps, USP features include their delivery speed, restaurants they are offering food from, cuisines range, and their delivery prices.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can also be utilized for doing food delivery app promotion in various ways to connect to their audience and to tell a wider audience about their promotional offers and other promotional activities. Almost 90 percent of social media users use social media to reach and get awareness about brands and businesses. For doing this type of marketing, there are two commonly used social media strategies which are:

  • Influencer marketing- Marketing involving influencers is becoming one of the most popular social media marketing strategies by brands internationally. In this marketing strategy, you get to a partnership with influential influencers of any social media platform. Apps like food delivery services can simply reach celebrity chefs to famous Instagram influencers for their promotion.
  • Customer service- since social media is a part of our everyday life and people spend a lot of time using those apps. While doing so they reach customer services in case of any query through social media. Similarly, if your app has a social media presence, you can provide your customers with customer service through it, in case of any query or problem.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing that will help you stay connected with your audience. According to a certain survey, a good percentage of people globally read their emails regularly to receive updates about a brand. For email marketing, the most commonly used strategies would be:

  • Reward users- for those of your users who are loyal to you, you can reward them with discounts, promotional offers, and competitions to keep them engaged and loyal to your app.
  • Newsletter updates- newsletter updates will keep your audience informed about any important updates related to your app or the services it is providing. This strategy also allows you to share your blogs and encourage them to follow your app on other platforms as well.


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SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is underestimated by a lot of brands but if done properly, can make you achieve your marketing goals a lot faster. 90 percent of people read SMS within the first 5 minutes of when they are sent. You can keep your audience posted about their order status through this marketing strategy.

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Real-time Marketing

Real-time marketing is a very engaging form of marketing that any brand or app can use. Keep notes for every coming event and devise a marketing plan for that day. You can send messages to your consumers in the context of that specific event and can also provide promotional offers and discounts.

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Focus on SEO

To reach in top Google rankings, your app must work on its SEO. For doing so, it is required to boost your app visibility and keyword ranking. Moreover, content quality is now another determining factor in increasing your app visibility on Google. So, it is important to work on every single detail of your app including keywords search, website design, and content quality to achieve top ranking in search engines.


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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How Long Does It Take To Create A Food Delivery App?

The overall complexity of your app idea affects the development time of your app. If you want creative and above-standard features for your app, it will take longer than a month. However, the average time is 1 to 2 months.

Which Programming Language Is Free And Easy To Use For Developing Food Delivery Apps?

Python is a free and open-source programming language that best fits the need for developing food delivery apps.

What Are The Popular Marketing Strategies Being Used For Food Delivery App Promotion?

Three of the most popular and effective marketing strategies are SEO, social media marketing, and Real-time marketing.

What Is The Decisive Factor In Determining The Success Of A Food Delivery App?

Since you want your consumers to use your app regularly, it should be simple and easy to use. If they find it easy to use, it will increase the usage of your app and will mark its success.

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