Best Resources for Node.JS Programmers | A Complete List

Want to know about the Best Resources for Node.js Programmers? This guide by Vizteck will help you through it all.




November 1, 2016





‘In this article, I collected a list of all the useful top resources for Node.JS programmers. The resources include tutorials, videos, podcasts, ebooks, and documentation.’

If you want to explore the basic Node.JS fundamentals, it is the best time for you to work on. Node.JS is the JavaScript runtime built on a V8 engine, used to develop scalable network applications. It is the latest solution for developing web-based network applications. We have collected a list of resources that can help you in starting your career in Node.JS web development as a newbie, or polish your skills as an experienced developer.

The resources include tutorials, videos, screencasts, books, courses, documentation, blogs, podcasts, JS resource, and many other problem-solving sites on the web.

Here we have a list of useful resources:

  • Pluralsight
  • Node.JS Documentation
  • Nodeconf (Event based-new version features enhancement news)
  • MEAN Web Development (Ebook)
  • The New Boston (video tutorials)
  • Planet node.js
  • Mastering Node.JS (TJ HolowayChuk)
  • Stack Overflow (problem-solving site)





Node.js Documentation


Any new version comes with its documentation have clearly defined all the functionalities in it. This website has 3 types of documentation:

  • API Reference Documentation:That contains detailed information on objects and functions or method in any version of Node. API docs contain docs of previous releases. Here is the official link.
  • ES6 Features: This section has thorough information about three of the ES6 groups. You can also find the relevancy of any version of the V8 engine with the particular Node.JS release. here is the link for its documentation.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: This section includes a general discussion on problem-solving. It includes the interaction of the community with GitHub and IRC. Here is the link for its documentation.  


Node Conf

Node Conf.webp


MEAN Web Development by Amos Q. Haviv (Ebook)

Mean web development

Half of the section of this book is focused on the basic installation, Node concepts, development, building Express applications, and Installing and integrating MongoDB and Mongoose.

The other section includes Angular JS concepts and the CRUD MEAN module,, Testing, and debugging.

So, if I review it as a whole, it will let you know a detailed overview of how to develop a full-stack application using MEAN. 


Mastering Node.js


The NewBoston



Planet Nodejs

Combining spring boot


Node School

Node school tutorial


Node Guide

About the Guide


Stack Overflow

Stack overflow (stack overflow)

Stack Overflow is a language-independent platform question-answer site for enthusiast programmers. It is the platform for every development platform like Java, C#, Node.JS, Python, and many others. 

Stack Overflow works on the principle of upvoting specific answers on the platform. The most authenticate answer from the community is finally approved. So, viewers will find the most approved answer regarding their issue. Most of the issues resolve here are in the form of code.

 If you want to learn more, then answer others’ problems here, and you will learn more. Stackoverflow emails you relevant question-answer to engage with their community. Don’t ask opinion-based questions, ask something that is discussion-based. You can get a reputation for your answers. 

We highly recommend this site for any issue you face during learning or developing Node.JS applications.

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