Different Types of Content Marketing

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April 4, 2014


Syed Ashar



Content Marketing is a powerful marketing tool. If used effectively, it can help increase the sales of a business or company. There are many different types of content, not just articles or blogs that can be marketed. These include videos, images, graphics, and many more. Let’s look at how different content types can be used to increase sales.


Success Stories

Success stories are usually not shared by people mostly because of the fear that it might backfire on them. Someone who has become successful wouldn’t want to reveal his/her secret as others might use it and become more successful. People love to read success stories, and if anyone shares their success story, it will become very popular. But one must note that like any other story, a success story also needs to be presented clearly so that it can be easily understood. Success stories are one of the best tools for content marketing.


Instructions and How to Lists

Some of the hardest contents to find are manuals, instructions, and how-to-do lists. The main reason for that is that they take a long time to compile and with so many products being manufactured, not every product has these documented. By creating a how-to list or compiling manual instructions, you will stamp your authority as an expert on the matter. More people will make use of your manuals which will effectively increase your audience.


Discuss New Perspectives

Most blog and article content is focused on the same point. Different writers present their viewpoints about the same point, and not many look at it from a different angle or perspective. If you can present a new angle or perspective that challenges the reader’s view, there is a high probability that you will gain new followers. The more followers you gain, the more popular you get, and people would want to read more of your stuff.


Share Your ViewPoint

It is always beneficial to be unique and to create your own identity. The best way this can be done is by presenting your own viewpoints about different events or things that can influence your industry. Presenting factors that can influence your industry will bring credibility to you and enhance your reputation.


Impacting Innovations

Write an article or blog about innovations or studies that can impact or influence your industry. Writing a detailed article clearly explaining how each innovation can impact your industry will raise your reputation as an expert in the industry. You’ll gain more followers from your industry who will highly value your work and who might implement these findings.


Discuss Updates

Another way to make your work valuable is by discussing company updates from different perspectives. This approach can involve views by company employees like developers, technicians, and interns. Writing about how company employees feel about recent updates will give more weight to your discussion. Many people will be interested to read about how employees feel about recent changes, and how they think it will affect the company's growth.


White Papers

White Paper is written for many different purposes, but it often highlights an issue faced by a company and how the company tackled it or it is written to promote a certain product or its feature. White Paper is considered authentic since it is a company’s official authority. Having a White Paper published under your name will enhance your reputation which will help you to get more followers.


Challenges Faced

You can write about the different challenges your organization or business faced and how they were overcome. Organizations face all kinds of challenges, and it’ll be good to write about them. Executives or workers who faced the same problems will relate to your article and start following you. They might even interact with your regarding their experience which will help you become more popular. 


Insider Information

Insider information is important information as it comes straight from the source. If you can publish an interview with an executive who can provide valuable information to your readers, it will become very popular. Try to ask intelligent questions in the interview that will be beneficial for your readers. The smarter the questions are, the more informative they will be for your reader which will make your content more valuable.


Thought Leader’s List

Thought Leaders are highly specialized individuals in their respective fields. You should create a list of thought leaders in the different fields, and also a list of the ones who have inspired you the most. When the list has been created, provide links to their work or profiles next to them. This will help your readers quickly access their work and make your list more valuable.

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