How Social Media can Increase Your E-commerce Site Sale?

Social Media is now considered one of the success factors! Check out this comprehensive guide to learn how to increase your e-commerce site sale.




October 23, 2013





An eCommerce website requires a lot of effort to increase its customer base and generate sales. An important and essential medium to engage and increase customers is by using social media. By engaging on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, podcasts, blogs, forums, etc., you can effectively promote your eCommerce website and increase its awareness by sharing the latest news, promotions, and daily deals.

Some of the important benefits social media provides are discussed below.


Increases Customer Base

Through social media, you can increase your number of customers quickly. Social media helps you expand your reach to new customers with the help of existing customers, encourages customer loyalty, builds brand awareness, and builds a network of brand advocates. You can create online forums or blogs to inform customers about the latest updates of your business, about the latest product or services, and share the posts with your end users using social media.


Minimizes Marketing Cost

Social media helps to minimize marketing costs compared to billboards, posters, TV ads, etc., which are more expensive ways of marketing. Social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest allow your eCommerce business to increase ROI and interaction with your customers. Your business ROI will increase by more than 80% by using Twitter, Facebook and Youtube effectively and efficiently. Interacting with customers helps to promote business and get instant feedback which can be used to smartly market your business. Your marketing campaigns can include communities which would be otherwise difficult to reach through local advertising. It is also a very good idea to connect the comments on products on your website with Facebook as any engagement there helps promote your product on social media as well.


Demographic Approach

With the help of social networking websites like Facebook, you can demographically target customers based on their location. For example on your Facebook page, you can add a group of people who are living in New York. This will enable you to find customers in local areas and engage them on your eCommerce site.


Increases Website Visibility

Your eCommerce website's popularity will increase as visitors and customers post good reviews of your products and services. Discussions on different social networking sites about your products will create exposure for your website. Once you have a good number of customers, let them know more about your business, and what will be going to be launched in their area of interest. Most probably, they will share it with their friends, families and relatives which will help to market the brand. Regularly announcing the latest deals and hot deals on your website will help increase customers as users will share it on social media.


Increases Brand Loyalty

Social media helps to contribute through word of mouth, which is the most popular form of advertisement. Product discussions on different social networks can be started which will help consumers know more about the product. Before purchasing a product, customers often read reviews posted online by peers or customers, and consumer feedback about a product or service. E-commerce websites should integrate different social media tools in their product list pages which will help to increase visitors and potential customers to the site. This will also help to enhance brand loyalty and promotions.


Related Apps

Social media also contributes to your business through different apps. If you have a garment business, you can create an app on Facebook which will allow you to match colours, sizes, styles, designs, etc. Visitors who access your Facebook app can be redirected to your eCommerce site, which would help to increase brand awareness. This is a great tool for increasing customers to your site.


Engage with Customer

The social media concept is about networking with your audience. You can effectively use it to know more about your customers and let them know more about you. Your customers want to be listened to, and know that their opinion matters. Instead of cramming your Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform with promotions, you should engage with your potential customers. This will help to increase their receptiveness. If we allow customers to post comments via social media, we will discover our shortcomings and what additional services to offer. This will enable us to fulfil their needs and increase their trust in us.

Social Media can help your business grow. You need to make sure that you regularly manage social media activities in order to increase sales.

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