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Want to develop a ride-hailing app like Uber? This blog will help you through everything that you must know about its development.


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January 5, 2023


Mah Noor



Uber was first launched in the market in 2009 and since then it has gained massive popularity and success because of the ease it has provided to its customers. The app has generated more than $14 billion in revenue by now.

Currently, Uber is facing a lot of competition in the market because of the launch of similar on-demand apps but it is still the most widely used taxi-booking app globally. 


Uber-like Apps

The following are the example of apps like Uber:

  • Curb
  • Easy Taxi
  • Lyft
  • Gett
  • Flywheel
  • Careem (Operating in Middle-east)

Some of the apps mentioned above are giving Uber fierce competition in the market but due to its strong customer base and sales, it holds a strong upper hand in the market. So, if you want to create a taxi booking app that could be a strong competitor in the market, you must develop a groundbreaking app, and we can help you with that, and that too at a much more affordable cost


How Do Uber-Like Apps Work?

In a short span of time, a lot. of apps have entered the market. Pharmacy delivery apps, food delivery apps, grocery delivery apps, and numerous others have made on-demand apps the new way to go. 

The purpose of apps that resemble Uber is to facilitate travel requests by automatically determining location. The app then matches the requests with the nearest accepting driver. After finishing the trip, the user pays for the ride and may rate it.

The overall working of such apps is divided into 5 steps as follows:

Step 1: A customer uses the Uber app to make a car request with a preset destination. The app displays the ride's fare, which may vary depending on the service and Uber app type.

Step 2:On verifying the ride, the pickup spot is confirmed by the passengers.

Step 3: Uber pairs the requested ride with the closest driver who is available. The request can be accepted or rejected by the driver. The app switches to a different driver if a ride request is declined.

Step 4: After a ride is finished, payment is made automatically. The user's already-added payment account or credit card gets charged with the amount. Uber accepts a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Android, and Apple Pay. Users have the option to accept the default driver's tip or modify it.

Step 5: Rating is a crucial component of the Uber app. Both drivers and passengers rate each other. In this manner, Uber gives both sorts of users the greatest possible experience.


Pre-Development Phase to Create an App Like Uber

Following are some factors you should take into account before beginning the development phase of your app:

Create a business model- Make a business model for your Uber-like project that includes all the relevant details.

Study your target audience- The needs and requirements of your target audience should be researched and analyzed.

USP- Tell your audience what makes your app unique if you're building an app comparable to Uber.

Features and functionalities- Learn about the parts and functionalities that are necessary as well as the technological stack that must be used to develop them.

Professional hire- Hire seasoned Android professionals to guarantee an easy and trouble-free project experience.

Make required improvements before launch- Before the app's official launch, make any necessary improvements. You should also constantly seek customer input to make your app better.


Development Phase to Create an App Like Uber

The development phase to create an app like Uber is as:

  • Documentation & Blueprint- This phase focuses on building the app's framework by establishing scope, timeframes, and milestones, as well as by producing wireframes, preliminary system designs, etc.


  • App Development- Using their coding skills, your app development team creates your ride-sharing app. You review each milestone as it is reached, and the solution is then changed based on your comments.


  • Testing- Testing entails evaluating all of the features and the completed work.


  • Deployment- It is the phase when your app is launched on the app store and gets to your intended users.


  • Support & Maintenance- During this phase, the app is improved and adjusted in response to user feedback and shifting demands.

Must-Have Features For Taxi App Like Uber

User App

Registration Option

Give users the choice to register using their Gmail, Facebook, or phone number for verification to make the registration process straightforward.

Booking Functionalities

The user can choose the automobile, choose the pickup location, or enter the address using the booking functionality.

Estimated Price Calculator

To let the customer know the cost of the ride before making a reservation, an estimated price calculator is implemented. On the system's back end, this essential feature is put into place.

Ride Tracking 

To assist the user in locating and updating the ride he has scheduled, include a ride tracking option. The user should be able to track the driver's movements thanks to the tracking feature.

Payment Method

Add a payment method in several configurations to give the user the most flexibility for cashless payments via PayPal, credit cards, or cash.

Push Notification

You may keep your audience interested by informing them about discounts, expected ride costs, car details, or anything else.

In-App Messaging

An in-app messaging feature in your app will allow users to communicate with drivers.


A feedback (rating and review) feature encourages service evaluation and app improvement.

Travel History

By including a Travel History page in your app, you provide the user with a thorough history of all of his prior rides and transactions.

Customer Support

Using the customer support option, you get to help your users.

Driver App

Driver Profile

This feature allows seamless verification of drivers via their license, insurance, vehicle number, etc. 

Ride Alert

With the use of Ride Alert, drivers will be able to promptly learn about consumer inquiries so they can decide whether or not to accept the ride. The location, route, travel, and history of the consumer are also made available to users by Ride Alert.

Push Notifications

Using push notification features, users can do trip changes and get notified about booking information like navigation, payment, route, etc. 

Route Optimization

Drivers will find Route Optimization to be of great benefit because they will be able to use Google Maps to choose the optimum route to take.

Analytic Reports

This feature will provide analytical reports detailing the driver's typical trips, profits (daily, weekly, or monthly), or kilometers traveled.

In-App Messaging

To make it easier for the driver and user to connect, this feature allows messaging or calling.

Admin App

The features which are a part of the admin app are:

  • User and driver details management
  • Booking management
  • Vehicles detail management
  • Content management
  • Promotions and discount codes updation

Advanced Features

The following are the advanced features of the new app like Uber:

  • Ride cancellation
  • Interactive map
  • Advance ride booking
  • Booking rides for others
  • Additional booking
  • Penalty feature 


Technology Stack Required for Creating App Like Uber

The following is the technology stack required for creating an app like Uber:

  • Android App- Kotlin
  • iOS app- Swift
  • Seamless playing experience- io
  • Push notification- APNS
  • Building a mobile application- Firebase  
  • Analyzing people's interaction with the app- Facebook SDK
  • Routing and navigation- Google Maps
  • Directions and location fetching- Google Places
  • Back-end development- js
  • Email delivery engine- Elastic email
  • In-app chatting/messaging- io
  • Routing- Google Directions
  • Cloud Hosting Experience- Amazon EC2
  • Cloud Storage- Amazon S3
  • Online Transactions- Braintree, Stripe

Uber-Like App for Other Domains

Following are the domain that requires Uber-like apps:


The purpose of such app in the domain of healthcare is to  facilitate patients find doctors, nurses, therapists and so on for their medical needs. It helps them get medical facilitation at the ease of their home.

The admin or medical service provider has all the necessary professional details of doctors, nurses, and therapists including their work history, certificates, academic records, and charges.


This domain requires Uber app-like services for providing beauty lovers with beauty services at the ease of their homes. Using such an app, a user can request services like makeup, manicure, pedicure, and other services like these.

Office Space Rental

This type of service-providing app allows freelancers, small business owners, startups, and individuals to rent a place for a shorter as well as longer period. The user sends the request for a place he wants to rent to have a tour inspection. 

Home Services

The concept of this app is to provide users with home services like cleaning, babysitting, cooking, and gardening. The admin of the app will show the reviews and references from previous services. These services are not limited to the domestic level but are also available for the business sector as well.


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