How To Create An App Like Uber Pharmacy Delivery

Want to develop an Uber pharmacy delivery app and not sure where to start? This blog is for you to help you get started from scratch.


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January 10, 2023


Mah Noor



People have turned to on-demand applications and sharing platforms for necessities during the pandemic. In this context, the word "essentials" primarily refers to food and supplies. Although some people include alcohol, don't you think there is still one important ingredient missing? Exactly! Medicines. 

People were terrified to go outside, and pharmacies were open every day. Using the internet and Uber's business model reduced the tension in this situation. 

This blog is for you if you are an entrepreneur planning to introduce an Uber-like pharmacy delivery service. 

Top Uber Pharmacy Delivery Apps in the Market

The following are the popular Uber pharmacy delivery apps in the market:

  • Capsule
  • CVS
  • PillPack
  • Saydl


How Do Uber Pharmacy Delivery Apps Work?

The Uber pharmacy delivery app works as:

  • Customers enable their location settings after logging onto the app.
  • They can go through nearby pharmacies that are open for business.
  • Customers have two options for ordering medications: uploading their prescriptions or just adding the items to their shopping cart.
  • They fill out the checkout form after reviewing their cart and adding several medications.
  • Numerous payment mechanisms, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc., are used by customers to pay for their orders.
  • Owners of pharmacies quickly respond to client requests. Depending on their schedule, they can either accept or reject inquiries.
  • Delivery drivers are tasked with picking up orders after store owners accept them.
  • When delivery drivers arrive at the pharmacy stores, they pick up the orders and deliver them to the customers' homes. The entire process is supervised via in-app guidance for delivery drivers.
  • When customers receive their orders, they rate and review the experience.
  • Payments from customers are processed by the admin, who then seamlessly passes them to business owners and delivery personnel.


Monetization Models for Uber Pharmacy Delivery App

Some of the commonly used monetization models for Uber like pharmacy delivery apps are:

Commission Fees

As paid commissions, pharmacy store owners pay a certain percentage of consumer purchases through which the app owner generates revenue.

Delivery Charges

Customers that receive deliveries to their doorsteps during payment forfeit a fixed amount as delivery fees.

Subscription Plan

Release the app's premium edition for set membership fees. Customers that pay for it have alluring advantages.

In-app Ads

You can apply ad charges based on views, clicks, impressions, etc. by displaying third-party ad banners.


Must-Have Features

Customer App


Customers have two options for logging in: through the platform or their social media usernames.

User Profile

Users ought to be able to establish profiles and complete them as fully as they require. Home address, payment information, and personal information like allergies, medicines, pregnancy status, and order history should all be included. 

Prescription Upload

The app should provide an easy method for posting prescriptions to the database as well as a service for picking up and delivering medications. For a straightforward image upload, the system ought to be able to access the device's gallery. 

Search and Filter

Customers can look up pharmacies or medications online. With the use of filter choices, they can focus on fewer results.


The inventory that your online store has to offer is listed in the Catalog. Users must have simple access to the catalogue, be able to browse through the items, look for a specific item, sort the products, and filter the results, as well as read descriptions of the drugs. 

Real-time Tracking 

With the real-time tracking feature, customers may monitor delivery personnel as they deliver their orders.

Multiple Payment Options

Credit/debit cards, net banking, and other payment gateways are just a few of the methods that customers can use to pay for their goods.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are used to provide customers with regular information on their orders, promotional codes, etc.


You must develop an intuitive communication solution that enables consumers to submit direct messages to customer support agents because the majority of users prefer to receive customer help via chat rather than phone. Users ought to have the option to leave a voice message, and attach documents, photos, and videos.

Ratings and Reviews

Customers can submit their reviews or score their ordering experience on a scale of 1 to 5.

Service Provider/Pharmacy App

Registration and Verification

By supplying the necessary information, service providers register with the app. They can upload pertinent papers for validation.

Availability Toggle

With this toggle functionality, service providers can alternate between their operating hours.

Accept or Reject Offers

Depending on their choices, service providers can either accept or refuse customer requests.

Earning Profile

An easy-to-use dashboard allows service providers to examine their daily, monthly, and annual earnings.

Order Management 

Through an order dashboard, service providers receive immediate updates on recent orders, order processing, etc.

Catalog Management

If some of the products run out or the pricing change, the pharmacy manager or owner should have quick access to the catalogue to make the necessary changes. Any product's information should be accessible to the owner, who should also be able to edit the description. 

Access to Perscription

For pharmacists to be able to sell the medication, the prescriptions that users upload to the online medicine home delivery app must be accessible by them. The medications ought to be kept in cloud storage so they can be retrieved when necessary.


Pharmacies require a direct line of communication with customers so they may clarify their orders. To keep users informed, pharmacists should be able to communicate with their clients via chat and transmit photographs and documents, as well as voice recordings.

Admin App

Control Panel

From a single location, the admin may control all app activity.

Real-time Analytics

The admin can produce thorough reports on several parameters, enabling well-informed business decisions.

Service Provider Verification

The administrator is in charge of checking the legitimacy of service providers.

Customer Management 

An engaging customer management dashboard helps the admin address client questions and problems.

Courier App


The information required for this work, including the couriers' bank account information so they may collect their pay and tips, should be entered into an account that they can create. The ratings, reviews, and order history for the courier will be kept here so that they can be accessed if necessary.

Push Notifications

The local courier should receive a notification on his or her phone when a customer puts in order so that delivery can begin.

Maps and GPS

The pharmaceutical delivery service app needs access to precise navigation for the courier side. The major objective is to locate couriers and guide them to the ideal addresses and routes.


Technology Stack For Apps Like Uber Pharmacy Delivery

The choice of tack stack one chooses for their apps depends on the type of app development one want. However, the usual tech stack recommended for this type of app are:

  • Native app development
    • Swift for iOS
    • Kotlin for Android
    • NodeJS for Back-end development
  • Cross-platform app development 
    • Flutter
    • NodeJS for Back-end development
  • Admin panel development 
    • ReactJS or Flutter for front-end development
    • NodeJS for Back-end development
    • NodeJS for API development
  • Third-party integration 
    • Stripe or PayPal for payment integration
    • Google or OpenStreetMaps
    • Delivery API
    • Twilio or Firebase messages 


Uber Pharmacy Delivery App Development Cost

With 60 days of warranty, bug support, and issues, developing a basic Pharmacy delivery app with Vizteck Solutions can cost between $12,000 and $25,000. The price will be between $26,000 and $45,000 if you want to create a feature-rich application. Hosting fees for the app are not included in the sum that was given. If you want your app to be hosted, you must meet the following payment requirements:

Number of servers3 servers; 2 for database and 1 for hosting code2 for database and 2 servers for code2 for database and 2 for code (higher specs)
Load (Light usage- 20-100 users any given timeApprox 10k users per monthApprox 20 users per month Approx 50k users per month

Whereas for customization, the criteria is as: 

Customization 2 hours of changes10 hours of changes25 hours of changes
 Fixes/issues handling included  


According to the features, scope, and technical architecture, developing an uber like app such as this one takes a different amount of time. However, it takes 550 to 800 development hours on average. A committed team will require 3-5 months if a development team is outsourced.

With Vizteck Solutions, we can construct the app for you with a custom design using our ready-made components, allowing you to go live in less than a month.

Cost of Development in US Dollars

Here is a summary of the entire development process in US dollars to assist you to get a better picture of your budget:

  • Discovery - $1,500 - $2,500
  • UI and UX design- $6,000 to $7,500
  • Front-end and back-end development- $12,500 to $30,000.
  • Integration of APIs- $2,500 to $3,500
  • Testing- $5,000 to $10,000

Depending on your contract, deployment and launch will cost about $500.

Most of these components may be constructed for between $12,000 and $20,000 if you are having your app developed by Vizteck Solutions.


Final Thoughts!

Although there is much to learn about how to launch a pharmacy delivery business, this blog was the first step in creating your pharmacy application. It takes a long time and effort to outline the full process from the business plan to the conclusion. Finding the ideal software development partner, though, can undoubtedly help you get there far more quickly.

A software development company called Vizteck Solutions is prepared to offer its deep expertise in creating medical courier services. For a free consultation and estimate, and to start your new project, get in touch with Vizteck Solutions.


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