How to Develop an Uber-Like App for Plumbers?

Want to develop a Uber app that fulfils your plumbing needs at the ease of your home? This blog will help you through everything from the start.



January 11, 2023


Mah Noor



A mobile app like Uber for a plumber can be advantageous to the business owner and clients in several ways. You can constantly look for the best benefit to find a practitioner and complete the task without difficulty on request apps. 

A handyman app like Uber is safer and more dependable if you are unsure of who to contact for repairs or cleaning tasks. Whether you need to renovate your kitchen or replace a broken faucet in your bathroom, you can hire the best pros using on-demand applications and do your task without worrying. Particularly, these apps facilitate cost savings.

With on-demand apps like uber, you can now hire a person in less than an hour and have your project done in the following hour. Applications on demand are popular because of supply-demand imbalances, time constraints, trust gaps, and delivery delays, to name a few.


How Do Uber-Like Apps for Plumbers Work?

The app works in the following ways:

  • The user logs in to the app after providing all the required information.
  • They pick the service, and provide their location, and a request is sent to the plumbers who are nearby.
  • The order may be accepted or rejected by the plumbers depending on their availability.
  • The customer will be informed of the plumbers' contact information and present status if they approve the request. Similar information about the client is provided to the plumbers.
  • As soon as the plumbers arrive at the customer's site, they take care of the customer's needs before being paid.
  • The app offers a variety of payment methods that clients can use to pay for the service.


Developing Uber-Like App for Plumbers- A Basic Guide

The following are the steps one should follow to develop an Uber-like app for plumbers:


You start with a concept even if the goal of any app is just to have a mobile app presence. To create a solid foundation for the app, refine this concept.

Make sure your initial study includes accurate demographic statistics, buyer motives, patterns of activity, and objectives. You also need to comprehend how the user interacts with the digital product.


Wireframing is a tool that designers use to clarify concepts and arrange design elements. Make an effort to comprehend precisely how the traits and concepts you proposed are combined to create a useful application. To demonstrate how each screen connects to how users traverse the app, you should also make a roadmap or storyboard.

Focus on the user experience, find ways to integrate your brand, and take into account the differences between how people use mobile apps and mobile websites.

Assessing Technical Feasibility 

Although the graphics may now be evident to you, you need also think about whether the supporting systems can support the app's functionality.

To determine whether the concept behind your application is technically feasible, you must access public data by choosing public APIs. Depending on the platform and media (smartphone, tablet, wearable, etc.), an application will have varied needs (iOS, Android, etc.).


Build a quick prototype. You can't truly comprehend the experience of touch unless you touch the app and observe how it functions. Create a prototype that will rapidly put the idea for the programme in the hands of a user so they can observe how it functions in the most typical application scenarios.

Use basic, not exhaustive wireframes at this step. You can use this to check if you are moving in the proper direction.

App Design

There are numerous inspection phases in this multi-stage process. Plans and visual instructions are provided, letting your engineers know what the anticipated outcome will be and how the interaction will move, feel, and flow. Depending on the size of your project and application budget, this design stage may take a team several hours or just one afternoon.

Don't forget to experiment with the navigation arrangement, buttons, and other graphic components to produce a variety of screens. The more distinctive your product is, the higher the likelihood that your UX is unique. 

App Development

As the app's development moves forward, it goes through a variety of stages. Despite being there, the main functionality is not tested in the early stages. You can see that the app is highly flaky and that there isn't a non-core function right now.

The second stage includes a large number of the requested features. The software has ideally through light testing and had bugs repaired, but there may still be some issues. The software is now available for additional testing by a selected set of outside users.

App Testing 

When you test your mobile app's acceptability by your users, you may determine if it functions for the users you had in mind.

Give a few people your application to test it out, and then ask them questions that are pertinent to your target market. When your application completes the user acceptance test, you know your solution is sound.

App Deployment 

Your application is prepared for submission. Make a formal start on the day you've chosen. For various application stores, there are various rules for starting an application. Keep in mind that it's not the end. The app's development continues after it is released.

Feedback from users who use your programme can be given, and this feedback needs to be included in subsequent iterations of the application. 

The development cycle often starts over as soon as the initial version of the software is made available. Make sure you have the resources to support your product. Remember the long-term commitment a digital product requires, in addition to the financial outlay.

Monetization Model For Uber-Like App For Plumbers 

The monetization model used for such apps is:


The usual monetization model used for Uber-like apps for plumbers or any other uber like app like pharmacy delivery or food delivery is a commission fee-based model. In this model, the admin or app owner gets a specific amount of commission over every service taken through the app. The commission fee is collected from both the parties using the app i.e. the user/customer or the plumber. 


Must-have Features For App For Plumbers

User App

Login and Registration

The user uses login information to swiftly download the app. If a user needs any of the services, he can log in and place his order. Either an email address or login information from a social network can be used to log in.

Advanced Search

Numerous home services are offered, thus they must be included in the app to allow users to choose directly from a list of services based on their preferences.

Schedule of Orders

With this feature, users may conveniently set the timing of the order. You can even change your purchase, or programme, or cancel the services to suit your needs.

Service Monitoring

Users can simply track their service by integrating GPS tracking software, which is available in the programme. For instance, if a user orders a plumber, they may track his whereabouts in real-time and estimate his arrival time.

Service Scheduling

Allow your user to select the service throughout the time frame of their choosing. Your users will be able to schedule appointments in advance thanks to this functionality.

Plumber App

Registration and Profile Approval

For plumbers to register quickly on your app need to be simpler. As soon as the service provider's profile is approved, he begins to receive jobs that are tailored to his needs.

Accept/Reject Requests

The ability to examine requests must be granted to the service provider when they are received. Once he reviews it, he either likes the work or doesn't, and he must accept that.

Real-time Requests

The plumbers must be notified of inquiries immediately. With notifications, your app and service will operate more quickly.


Any on-demand app needs communication to function. Therefore, to connect users and plumbers, your app needs an integrated chat system. You can go over critical assignment details and talk about things like rate negotiations.

Customer Feedback

The feedback mechanism is effective both ways. Therefore, a tool for customer feedback must be added, allowing providers to evaluate consumers according to several factors. These standards might resemble the way plumbers utilise their tools, the appropriate user instructions, etc.

Admin App


In the admin panel, there must be an interactive dashboard. The dashboard serves as the app's main control panel. 

Service Provider Management and Verification

This feature enables the management of each plumber. Additionally, new plumbers can be manually added. All provider profiles must also be checked, and any fraudulent registration must be avoided.

Payment Management

To avoid confusion later, you must precisely define the committees. Additionally, consumers and plumbers can transact quickly and securely. You should be able to resolve all payment issues using this function.

Promotion Management

To advertise your app, you might provide a range of lucrative discounts and promotions. With this tool, you may keep an eye on your progress with the discounts. You can use it to acquire useful statistics that direct you toward more suitable discounts and promotions.


This is incredibly significant since it provides you with crucial information about your company. This information and insights help you improve your services. Through analytics, the admin may review the progress of everyone and adjust services accordingly.


Technology Stack For App For Finding Plumbers

The following is the tech stack used for developing an app for finding plumbers:

  • Data and application- jQueryPython, Node.JS, React, MySQL.
  • Utilities- Google Analytics, Twilio, Mixpanel.
  • DevOps- Grafana, RequireJS, Peloton, Brunch.
  • Business Tools- G Suite, Asana, Zendesk, Mattermost, Delighted.


Final Thoughts!

Uber app for finding plumbers is a very creative and demanding idea in the market but has not been adopted practically yet. It means that there is a very bright opportunity for whosoever starts working on this idea. However, the idea needs a lot of research and development skills to be successful. 

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