Mobile UX– 3 Tips for App Navigation

In this blog, you will get three of the most basic tips for mobile UX.




September 23, 2020


Barkan Saeed



Great user experience is what helps you differentiate in a sea of apps. The goal of user experience is to make an app in such a way that it is intuitive to the user and seamless. Navigation is at the top of mobile UX navigation priorities. We will present 3 tips in this article for app navigation. These tips can help you create a great navigational experience for your apps.


Tip # 1 : Prefer Tab Menu over Sliding Menu


facebook slider navigation


The main reason for using tab menus vs sliding menus are

  • Tab Menu shows the most important navigation items at all times making it easier for a user to move through them. Also making them just one click away.
  • Sliding menus give equal priority to all items. Although there is a priority in terms of order in a/b testing, it is mostly found that users don’t use most of the navigation items.
  • Tab Menu allows the user to return to the same place they were before in terms of screen scroll. e.g. news feeds on Facebook. 


Tip #2 :  Use Accordion Controls instead of Navigating to New Screen


accordian mobile ux


Tip #3 : Show Visual Cue to User in Card Navigation


card mobile ux


Our Experience in Mobile UX

Vizteck has extensive experience in mobile UX and we constantly stay up to date on the latest mobile UX patterns and guidelines so that the apps designed by us are seamless and intuitive.


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