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November 10, 2022





Storyblok CMS is one of the best headless CMS designed for developers and markers. It enables them to provide powerful content experiences on various platforms. It’s one of the prominent headless CMS which offers visual editing tools. It has customizable content blocks in its modern architecture. Storyblok is beneficial for developers as it offers them the flexibility to build fast-paced digital platforms easily. It helps a lot in organizing content. It has content blocks that can be easily reused.

Storyblok enables content creators to edit content easily. It is the best CMS that is available for non-technical people. The developers can build websites by using Storyblok’s flexible architecture. It’s user-friendly and an influential headless CMS. It allows organizations to create content and keep it systematically. It has effective tools which assist developers and content creators a lot. It has a visual composer which lets you view the changes made to the site. This cm is highly efficient for building web pages in a few clicks.


Storyblok Headless CMS

Storyblok is a headless CMS used by many small-mid-sized organizations for managing content. It enables content creators to use the content on single or multiple platforms. The content is created once and can be displayed on any desired platform by calling APIs. It has android or iOS platforms. It helps the developers to focus on other important aspects. They don’t need to worry about the backend infrastructure.

The content of the Storyblok CMS is decoupled from the presentation layer. The content can be displayed on any device as it is integrated with the API. It offers users to choose any front-end for displaying the content. The developers need to send a request to API to send or receive data. The changes made on one site can appear anywhere. It compels developers and content creators to deliver effective content.


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Storyblok Plugins

The plugins are used to extend the editor with custom fields. Storyblok has a vigorous and flexible plugin system. The three common plugins are discussed here:

  • Custom Applications
  • Field-types
  • Tools

Custom Applications

It is the best extension type among other extensions. It is used to extend the functionality of Storyblok. It has a space sidebar and a window to build the functionality of applications.


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Field types

To extend the visual editor the field types are used. It helps you to create complex field types. It allows you to develop in a local environment. Get the preview in the Storyblok Editor.


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The other way to extend the visual editor is through the use of tools. They improve productivity by adding functionality to it. Storyblok’s tools are used for editing the stories.


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Why Is Storyblok Good For Projects?

Many people find it difficult to select the right CMS for projects. The flexibility and speed of CMS is the main concern for developers and content creators. The Storyblok CMS is a good choice for building content for websites and apps. It is simple and can be used by non-technical people. It does not require developers’ skills to start with.

Setting up a Storyblok is quite simple. It has a flexible architecture that is easy to use and maintain. The storybook CMS takes some weeks to develop a website storybook. It offers high-performance speed. It does not restrict the developers and content creators to use a specific technology stack to work with. It can be used to build corporate websites, mobile apps, and e-commerce also. It comes with powerful APIs such as REST and GraphQL to deliver content.


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Features Of Storyblok CMS

Some of the Storyblok headless CMS's core features are appreciable, making them distinguishable from others.


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Visual Editor

The Storyblok CMS has a great feature which is a Visual editor. It allows content creators to create effective content. Its visual editor is highly intuitive and responsive. It offers composeable components, elements, and workflows. The visual editing experience of Storyblok is highly smooth and easy to use. It gives you a real-time preview of the changes. It allows users to edit sites as they browse.

It has collaboration tools that make the publication faster. The Storybook uses custom workflows to publish content. It has compose-able content blocks which can be used to create content faster. The content blocks have a collection of templates and components. It offers a component-based approach that allows the developers to reuse the components and change the content when necessary.


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Digital Asset Manager

Storyblok has a digital asset manager which organizes and optimizes all the assets. It helps in image editing and content tagging. It helps in keeping all the information in one central hub.


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Central Content Hub

It has a central content hub which helps in finding and managing content easily. It sorts all the results and tracks the activities of the users and keeps the system updated.

Image Service

Storyblok allows developers and content creators to make projects faster by transforming images. It helps in image optimization and caching.

App Directory

It has a free app directory that offers functionalities to create custom apps. With the App store, you can add features to Storyblok.

Content Publishing

Storyblok allows developers to create digital content experiences with fast speed by using robust tools. It enables them to deliver fast-performance digital experiences within a short period. It obliges the content in multiple languages.

It allows content creators to create content for each market by using various languages. It helps to target different audience segments.


It has a performance enhancement feature that helps in the ranking of the site in the Google search console. It comes with an API-driven architecture and a global CDN which helps in delivering fast performance.

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How Does Storyblok CMS Work?

The Storyblok CMS is specially designed for the developers and lets them focus on adding value for the customers. It reduces the workload for developers. They don’t need to maintain the backend architecture. It works with an API-driven approach which allows you to choose any frontend technology for the content display. The management of content is quite simple and easy. Content management requires four basic steps.

• Defining models

• Content creation

• Content reuse

• Content Test

• Use your content

Defining Of Models

To work with Storyblok you need first the schema for the content. Create a content type and components. Add the fields such as date, text, images, and other custom fields.


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Content Creation

Storyblok has an editor which is used to enter content. Get ready the content types and components first then the user can fill the content in the editor.

Content Reuse

It has advanced features such as presets, and shared components that help you to assemble the content. By using these features you can quickly and effectively assemble the content easily.

Content Test

It has a visual editor which gives you a preview of the content of your site. You can get a preview of a site at the time of editing.

Use Your Content

Once you are done with content saving and publishing. Load it on the site, mobile apps, or any other channel using REST OR GraphQL API. Once created content can be used on multiple devices.

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Benefits Of Storyblok’s CMS

Storyblok has a lot of benefits for developers and content creators. Some of the core benefits are discussed here:


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Headless Architecture

Storyblok has a headless architecture that is fast and offers the best-performance APIs. It has a separate front end from the back end. It has a content repository that keeps the content. It allows you to display the content on any frontend device.


Storyblok headless CMS is highly flexible. It allows the developers to work with any framework. You can build your technology stack with any framework. It does not restrict the developers to a specific framework. It can work with any framework easily. It gives the developers a technology choice to use the preferred framework.


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Omni Channel

Storyblok offers an Omni-channel approach which means you can publish your content to any frontend device. It uses REST API to display the content in the frontend framework.

High Performance

It has an API-driven architecture and intelligent caching. It allows developers to build reliable and fast websites. The changes made once can be implemented on all channels. Its content block feature is highly flexible and can be reused easily in various situations. This feature allows you to create automatic content creation.


Storyblok CMS offers great security and reduces security risks. It reduces the impact of DDoS. It has a regular update system which minimizes the overall security risk.


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Final Words

The concept of Storyblok has inspired the developers due to its components approach. It reduces the developer’s efforts and makes the content management processes smooth and seamless. It is highly secure and effective. It allows content creators, developers, and designers to work with this system independently.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Storyblok An Open Source?

Yes, Storyblok is an open-source and self-hosted platform. The developers and content creators use Storyblok to deliver content experiences on various platforms.


Who Can Use Storyblok CMS?

The leading enterprises can use Storyblok CMS to deliver content to the world. They can easily manage the content through this CMS.


Does A Storyblok Help In Building Web Pages?

It is considered one of the intelligent tools as it has a visual editor which helps in building pages. It builds pages with just a few clicks.


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