Strapi Headless CMS- Ultimate Guide to Design your App

Do you want to know about the Strapi headless CMS? Vizteck is giving you a step-by-step detailed guide for it.




October 21, 2022


Mah Noor



For years Strapi headless CMS has been the top choice of all. But now everything is being changed. So if you want to know everything about Strapi Headless CMS, you are at the right place. Vizteck brings you a complete guide that answers all your questions. So, here we go.


A Brief Intro To Strapi Headless CMS

Now we will have a look at Strapi headless CMS. Strapi CMS is an open-source platform that gives users complete control over the server layer. It reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and makes the entire stack secure. It’s an open-sourced headless CMS that helps design APIs fast and manage the content.


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Short Benefits Of Strapi Headless CMS

Helps In The Development Of Websites

It helps in the development of websites, mobile applications, and eCommerce sites. It offers you to create an API based on content models. This system uses an API to link the front end with the strapi backend. It’s a developer-friendly free-to-use platform. It offers great flexibility as it helps in modeling low-level APIs using this CMS software. It's very fast and makes the installation in a few minutes. Compared to WordPress a Strapi headless CMS is much faster to deliver the same thing.

Easy To Scale

It can easily be scalable and best for big projects also. It reduces the workload for developers because of its built-in authentication and security features. Its scalable features and security system are highly accurate, making it more secure for development. It offers customizable backend services. The integration of Strapi applications with any front is very easy. Strapi headless CMS is SEO friendly as it allows you to completely customize the front end.
Easy to Learn

It’s easy to learn Strapi headless cms and get the results in minutes. Its headless CMS is for creating JavaScript APIs that are quick and easy to manage. It offers a nice user interface that allows developers to create flexible API architecture. With strapi headless cms, users can connect with tools to manage the dashboard in just a few clicks.

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Important Features Of Strapi Headless CMS

Open Source Platform

Strapi headless CMS is an open-source Node. JS-based platform. It saves a lot of development time and offers developers a variety of tools and frameworks.


Strapi headless CMS comes with easy integrations as its admin panel and the APIs are customizable. Build logic by using customized APIs, routers, and plugins.


Strapi headless CMS offers data privacy and security. You can keep control of data at all times. It offers you to deploy and host the project where you want. Choose any hosting platform, host and scale strapi projects easily.

Faster than WordPress

Strapi headless CMS is faster than WordPress. The installations can be done faster and the admin panel will not reload upon saving. It’s efficient and saves the time of developers. Compared to WordPress, strapi headless CMS is faster to deliver the same thing. Due to its efficiency, it is more likely that strapi can replace WordPress.


Strapi headless content management system enables the developers to build their scalable applications. It gives the freedom to developers to build projects faster by providing a customizable API. They can use their favorite tools and build projects.

Manage content

The content management team uses the strapi headless CMS to manage all types of content and distribute the content to other channels, such as other websites, mobile applications, or other connected devices.


Strapi headless CMS is highly flexible as it saves a lot of time. You don’t need to create backend APIs which were time-consuming in the past.

Simple to use

Strapi headless cms are simple to use and user-friendly platform. Its plugins are configurable and help with customizations. It offers developers to create simple or complex content types without writing the code. Headless cms provide an easy architecture with the ability to integrate third-party libraries.

Built-In Authentication System

Strapi headless cms come with a flexible authentication system that can be tailored according to the requirements. It helps in establishing a variety of users and supports all the common databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.


Strapi headless cms offer a variety of fantastic plugins which can be easily put into any application. Its unique collection of plugins such as LDAP compatibility, and Google Analytics Integrations makes it apart from other CMS platforms.

Drawbacks of using Strapi headless CMS

Everything comes with benefits as well as drawbacks. Let’s discuss the drawbacks of strapi headless CMS in detail now:

Migrate Existing APIs

It is difficult to roam existing APIs. It does not have support for WR-CRW. It will be deployed manually. Converting the old endpoints to Strapi headless cms is challenging. It’s better to use the strapi headless CMS from scratch to create a smooth website.


Strapi headless cms are continually updating as it receives weekly updates. Keep on the check to them also. To get a stable platform you need to expect frequent updates.

Strapi Headless CMS Pro Version

Headless cms is a free and open-source platform however it offers a pro version with additional capabilities which include expert assistance from the strapi team.

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How To Use A Strapi Headless CMS

The use of a Strapi headless CMS is very easy. It has 4 main steps to consider to make a flexible data structure. It has powerful features to customize the API. Let's discuss the steps:

Content Creation

It offers a flexible content management architecture. You can use any data structure for your business. The definition of models and layouts is quite simple.

Content Types

After the creation of content architecture, you can write, edit and manage any content type. Then deliver the content faster to various channels.

Build Applications

With Strapi headless CMS, it is easy to build applications and digital content without the CMS complexities. It helps you to focus mainly on the content. It makes the integration of services possible with vendors and allows you to connect with any framework. 

Consume API

The Strapi headless CMS makes it possible to consume APIs from any client using RESTful and Graph QL. Both APIs are used to query the content. The plugins offer great compatibility with the GraphQL ecosystem.


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How is Strapi Headless CMS Best For Developers And Users?


For developers

For Users

Provide Database Support

Instinctive Editor

Consume REST or GraphQL APIs from clients, applications, and IoT.

Provide Media Library

Support Javascript

Content Creation Flexibility

Provide Auto-Generated Documents

Provide User-Friendly Interface

TypeScript Support

Manage SEO Metadata


Final Words

Strapi headless CMS is an eccentric tool for building new APIs in real time. Now developers use APIs to connect with everything. Designers and developers engage with new tools without the constrictions of the past. They can release their creativity for an open source free platform. With Strapi headless CMS use of future technology can be made easier. Adjustments can be made easier without requiring or writing the entire codebase.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Are The Restrictions Of Using Strapi Headless CMS?

It’s challenging to migrate existing APIs. Moving the existing backend to Strapi will take some time. It gives continuous updates and also comes with a Strapi pro version. You need to get the pro version for availing of its additional features.


How Many Users A Strapi Headless CMS Can Support?

The basic available feature of Strapi includes an unlimited number of admin users.


Why Strapi Headless CMS?

It’s an open-source CMS platform that gives users complete control over the server layer. It reduces susceptibility and makes the stack more secure.


Is Strapi Headless CMS faster?

A Strapi headless CMS has an advantage over alternative cms in that it doesn’t have to deal with the rendering side of things.


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