Top 10 Software to Build an App

Want to know the top 10 software to build an app? This guide by Vizteck will help you through it all!




October 4, 2022


Mah Noor



App development software is the software that helps one in the app development process via various functionalities like IDE, no-code development, different templates, API, analytics, and data synchronization.

App-building software helps one to speed up the process of app development. Since they come with tools providing APIs, they help the process of integration with backend services. It provides you with a visual development environment and makes the overall app development process easy. Alongside this, it provides features like hardware compatibility and workflow design assistance. Through the help of app development software, you can create apps for desktops, mobiles, and web browsers.

All such platforms are equipped with tools required and interrelated for building an app. These tools are helpful from the development of an application till its deployment and updating.


List of Top 10 Best Software to Build an App for


  • Quixey
  • Zoho Creator
  • AppyPie
  • AppSheet
  • Bizness Apps
  • iBuildApp
  • Shoutem
  • Rollbar
  • JIRA




Its solutions start from $500 per month billed annually. As for platforms, it costs $10 for each user per month billed annually, and starts with 10 users.

Quixey helps enterprises by empowering their business users to automate workflow using a cloud-based no-code platform. It also helps them build simple to complex enterprise-level apps to meet their custom needs 10x faster. All of this is done without any coding.

This software helps businesses eliminate manual processes and turn their ideas into reality by making them innovative, productive, and transparent. It helps its users to start building it from scratch or customize the already built apps available in the Quixey app store.


  1. It helps build the app interface by dragging and dropping 40+ form fields the way you want. It includes e-signature, QR code, facial recognition, and a lot more.
  2. You can model any process and build sequential, parallel, or conditional simple complex workflows with easy-to-use visual builders. You can configure notifications, reminders, and escalation in each step of the workflow.
  3. It smoothly gets integrated with 3rd party apps via ready-to-use connectors, Webhooks, and API.
  4. It lets you deploy your app with a single click and make changes without any downtime. You can use it on any browser and any device, even when you are offline.
  5. It provides live actionable reports and dashboards along with the feature to export data in multiple formats. Through multiple platforms, you can schedule the automated delivery of reports.
  6. Enterprise-ready with ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 certification along with all the enterprise features including custom theme, SSO, white labeling, on-premises deployment, and so on.
  7. It has a cloud-based deployment and is used for platforms like android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

The final verdict about this app-building software is it is a completely visual and easy-to-use no-code app development platform. It is helpful for businesses to automate their processes across different departments, fast and at a lower cost. Its overall rating is 4.6.

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Zoho Creator

Zoho is free app-building software with low coding, ensuring the fast development of mobile applications. If you are using this platform, you don't need to write endless coding lines to build an app.

It comes with features like Artificial intelligence (AI), JavaScript, Cloud functions, third-party integration, multi-language access, offline mobile access, and much more.

Zoho is a powerful and very flexible platform that can be adapted to your business needs.


  1. It helps create more applications with little effort.
  2. It lets you integrate your business data across teams.
  3. It provides you with the ability to create insightful reports.
  4. It lets you have instant access to mobile applications.
  5. It ensures uncompromising security.

The final verdict about this software is that it helps you build native mobile applications. Through Zoho, you can create apps on the web, publish them and use them on any operating system. Its overall rating is 4.3.

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AppyPie provides a free 14-day subscription on all its plans. For SMBs, it offers monthly subscriptions in three different packages i.e. basic, gold and premium. Yearly subscriptions to this software are also available.

This platform helps you build an app for multiple purposes. It offers a wide range of app builders including payment app builders to worship app makers. In AppyPie, there is no need to resubmit the app after doing changes. It offers app-building services for small to large enterprises of all kinds. 


  1. It has a radio app builder.
  2. It offers prototyping tools for Android and iOS.
  3. It provides app analytics.
  4. It has various features like push notifications, GPS, IAP, etc.
  5. In the platinum subscription, you get to remove AppyPie branding.
  6. It offers Cloud and on-premises deployment.
  7. The maximum disk capacity is 600 MB.
  8. The monthly bandwidth is 12 GB.

The final verdict on AppyPie is in each of its app builders, there come certain features as per the need of the app. As per the Enterprise plan, there comes unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This platform is considered the best app builder without coding. It does not have any development mode and does not support web development. Its overall rating is 4.6.



This app is free if you are creating an app for personal use or a single user. It offers three subscription plans i.e. premium, pro, and business. The Business is for mission-complex enterprise apps. Premium and Pro plans of AppSheet allow their subscribers to start for free.

Through AppSheet, you get to deliver an app that is rich in features. It is a no-code app development platform that allows you to develop and deploy apps supported by multi-platforms. 


  1. It allows background data syncing and offline mode.
  2. It provides functionalities that optimize the performance and control the life cycle of the app.
  3. It provides centralized management and increases productivity.
  4. In all the subscription plans, there is an option to have custom branding and format rules.
  5. The deployment is done on Cloud and on-premises.

The final verdict about AppSheet is it comes with functionalities that lets you customize apps with features like GPS, maps, barcode scanners, signature capture, etc. Its overall rating is 4.8.

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Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps provides an individual plan for small businesses for $99 per month. However, there are three other plans available i.e. standard, gold, and platinum.

This software helps you build native apps for Android and iOS. Bizness Apps is known as the best no-code web app builder which does not need any programming language as it provides drag and drop option.

Its design engine is simple and easy to understand. It provides its users with premium add-ons like multiple language support, group management, and a private app store.


  1. It lets you access the google font library and from which you can select fonts from more than 800 options.
  2. It has ready-to-use templates suitable for various industries.
  3. It includes different features for marketing, technology, and design.
  4. For building apps, it provides features like messages, menus, mailing lists, info-1-tire, info-2-tire, and info-3-tire.

The final verdict on Bizness Apps is that it provides features like push notifications, app analytics, and signature. In a platinum subscription, you get features like digital marketing assessments, app promotional material, and app design services. According to reviews on this platform, it does not support web app development. Its overall rating is 4.7. provides three types of monthly pricing plans named pro, team, and enterprise. Yearly plans are also available. For the Pro plan, there is a 14 days free plan available.

It is a low-cost app development platform that develops hybrid mobile apps, web apps, and PWAs. apps built on this platform are compatible with all popular platforms and devices. It allows your app to get integrated with the existing backend.


  1. It has team management features.
  2. It allows your app to have 50k to 200k platform API calls per month.
  3. In all its pricing plans, it provides you app backup facility.
  4. The enterprise plan, there include facilities like enterprise-grade-SLAs, private deployment and account management, etc.
  5. It provides the facility of customization and advanced development using UI components, source code editing, model-based data structure, etc.
  6. It is suitable for medium and small enterprises.

The verdict for is to provide collaboration features for teams through which you can share apps in browsers and devices. This platform is suitable for both programmers and non-programmers. It provides support to multiple frameworks like Ionic and Angular. Its overall rating is 4.4.

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iBuildApp offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans and its plans include company plans, business plans, and enterprise plans.

Through this app, there is no limitation to how many customers are using your built app. It will create a 25 features app that will keep its users engaged. Also, it allows you to change or upgrade your app at any time.


  1. Through coupons and loyalty cards, you can get repeat customers.
  2. It offers a promotional toolkit.
  3. It provides a feature to have Push Notifications.
  4. It even allows you to create a custom feature for your app.
  5. It has more than 1000 templates.
  6. It supports app development for different industries.

The verdict on iBuildApp is that it provides integration features with Zapier, content management, Google Maps, and audio players along with several other features. Its overall rating is 4.



Shoutem provides free trials to its users. However, it also has three subscription plans i.e. basic, advanced, and unlimited.

It is a mobile application creator which provides its users with the drag and drops feature. It provides previews in the native preview app. The re-publishing feature provided by the platform is free of cost.


  1. It provides various monetization features.
  2. It supports multiple content sources.
  3. It has an automated publishing facility for iTunes and Google Play Store.
  4. It provides analytics to analyze user behavior and help you optimize your app on its basis.
  5. It can be integrated with various platforms like WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, and Drupal.

The verdict on Shoutem is that it keeps on making efforts for updating your app binary which aligns with the OS version automatically. Its API can sync your database. It even gives the facility to have custom content modules. Its overall rating is 3.7.


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It provides a 14-day free trial to its users and has four subscription plans i.e. free, essentials, advanced, and enterprise. The free plan of Rollbar can only be used for hobbies and projects and you will get all the features that an Essential Plan has except for the on-demand events.

It supports all languages and frameworks. It also helps in root cause analysis. It can trace all data that you need to debug including params, local var values, browser, etc.


  1. It gives you real-time visibility of errors.
  2. It has a unique feature named proactive triaging. This feature enables one to assign owners to each error or you get to create a ticket in the issue tracking tool. Once the error is resolved, the ticket will get resolved too.
  3. It provides its users with strong data protection with encryption.

The verdict about Rollbar is that it provides smooth integration between tools you are using along with supporting all the languages and frameworks. Its overall rating is 4.5.



It offers a 7-day free trial for Cloud solutions. After that, it will be costing $10 per month.

Whereas for on-premises solutions, you can have it for 30 days along with paying $10 for the server as a one-time payment. However, as far as data centers are concerned, it will be $12000 per year for 500 users.

It is a tool used by the agile team which helps them in project management. It can also integrate with other developers' tools.


  1. It offers customized scrum boards.
  2. It has flexible Kanban boards.
  3. Its roadmap feature allows developers to draw big pictures and communication plans.
  4. It also allows you to do agile reporting with real-time insight.

The verdict about JIRA is that it helps you build mobile apps. It can also be used for creating user stories, sprint planning, distributing tasks across teams, discussing teamwork, and the like. It provides its user with real-time visual reporting which helps increase productivity. Its overall rating is 4.2.


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What Is The Best Software To Build An App?

Some of the best software to build an app are JIRA, Appy Pie, and Zoho Creator.


What Are The Features Of App Creating Software?

Its features include access control, drag, and drop, deployment management, reporting and analytics, mockup creation, code-free development, collaboration tools, compatibility testing, data modeling, debugging, and feedback management.


What Is The Best Software For Developing An Android App?

For creating an Android app, there are a lot of platforms claiming to be the best software available in the market. However, there are certain features to identify one e.g. their history in the Play Store and their free trial of services for specific periods. One of such best app development software is Appy Pie.


Which Is The Free App Building Software Available In The Market?

One of the best free app development software available in the market is Appy Pie which provides free tools for creating a native app for mobiles.


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