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Dr Gil Ortega is an orthopedic trauma surgeon based in Scottsdale Arizona. He graduated from Yale University School of Medicine and did research fellowships in Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. He has been honored as one of the nation’s top doctors, and was named Scottsdale’s top doctor in 2010 and 2012.


A medical doctor, Gil Ortega, needed a system through which data could be shared efficiently between different entities. A person would enter his personal information and would be able to share it with his doctor, health insurance, car insurance company or bank. Sharing information was time consuming and sometimes resulted in vital information being missed. To avoid time delay and better handling of data, a better system was required.


A solution was developed for the client based on the requirements. The solution, RegisterMyInfo, was developed which was accessible through the web and a smart phone. The web solution was developed in Drupal. Drupal is an open source CMS that is search friendly, feature rich, and can be integrated with modules to enhance its functionality. Different modules like CVRM, Sugar RM, and Infusion were evaluated for integration with Drupal. Infusion was selected after thorough analysis since it offered many benefits. Infusion is a CRM, a marketing tool, ecommerce tool, affiliation tool, a powerful sales, and marketing solution. It fulfilled the requirement of the client and it was integrated into Drupal. The smart phone app was developed using Appcelerator’s titanium framework. Titanium enables us to quickly develop multiple mobile platforms using the same code with minor alterations which helped to quickly complete the project.
Using the RegisterMyInfo solution, you could enter vital information about yourself and share it with whom you wanted to. You could enter your driver license number, driving record, medical history, financial history, employment details, credit card information, health insurance information, auto insurance information, product warranty information, and social networking website information like your status. After you added personal and business contacts, you could choose which information you wanted to share with whom. For example, if you updated your Facebook status or Twitter tweet, but didn’t want your insurance company to read about it, you can hide the status from them. Similarly, you can enter any product’s date of purchase and warranty information, and share it with the manufacturer.


RegisterMyInfo saves vital time during data sharing. All your contacts and your information can be saved in this application. In case you lost your driving license, you can share the driving license information with the DMV when you reapply for the driving license. They will be able to quickly retrieve your information. Similarly, if your car gets stolen, you can share the VIN number, insurance information with the law enforcement agencies.


Dr Gil Ortega was amazed with the RegisterMyInfo application that he further recommended updates to it. He requested the application to store scanned documents like passport and driving license which will be fulfilled in version 3 of the application. Being a surgeon, time mattered a lot. The quicker he could access his patient’s information and share it with health insurance provider saved a lot of his time.

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