Web and Mobile App Development Company

We help our clients launch the best web and mobile apps possible. Our expertise include mobile app development for iPhone, Android and Web Technologies like Node.js, Drupal and Angular.js

Social Networking Apps

Building a social networking platform for some niche category? Need robust messaging like Whatsapp? Need seamless timelines like Instagram, Twitter?


On Demand Platforms

Vizteck Solutions is a promising on-demand application development company in USA. Which have experts in making people’s lives easier across world wide. Providing their extreme talent in developing on-demand apps.

iOS Application Development

Whether you’re a start-up, entrepreneur, small or large business, we have the experience, talent and creativity needed to develop your dream developing ios apps. We deliver innovative, functional and robust ios app that engage, inspire and attract users.

ios services

Android Application Development

Android users make up a large portion (80% market share) of mobile user base. Android users are distributed over a large number of devices. At Vizteck US, our team creates awesome android apps that work across a large number of devices and we address device fragmentation by following google guidelines on using the right UI controls.

UI/UX Designing

Success today is not just with a good idea. You need a great user experience for your app or product. We are the best UX design company in US. We have the expertise to build great user experiences for your product. We can take your idea and build the best UX design for it.


Platforms that Scale

We build scalable web application architectures. Building scalable architectures is not mostly about spending more money. Its about how you design the app and its backend so it can scale with your users.

Mobile Strategy

We know the importance of mobile strategies that your business needs to implement. A solid mobile business strategy is very important to achieve your objectives with mobile. If your business is not workable for mobile users, you will going to lose the large proportion of your target audience.


Customer Relationship Management

Vizteck Solutions helps you automating your business tasks in a well-organized and user-friendly way. We are keen to grow your business to the next level by enhancing your core attributes via the best CRM solutions.

Web Application Development

Over the past 9 years, we have worked with a number of web technologies like node.js, angular.js and other web technologies to deliver solutions for web startups and companies and scalable backends for mobile startups.