Mobile Strategy

We know the importance of mobile strategies that your business needs to implement. A solid mobile business strategy is very important to achieve your objectives with mobile. If your business is not workable for mobile users, you will going to lose the large proportion of your target audience.

Process We Follow For Effective Mobile Strategy

Right from selecting the right platforms, the right user experience (UX strategy), the launch strategy and social media platform integrations. Each step is going to make sure that you are achieving your business goals with mobile. Vizteck Solutions focuses on driving the effective mobile strategy by:


Vizteck Solutions has the best expert to help you build the right mobile strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Barkan Saeed

Barkan Saeed

Founder & CEO

Barkan Saeed is the founder/ceo at Vizteck Solutions. A programmer himself, Barkan also has experience working with marketing, sales teams, and has worked as interim CTO’s for startups. He likes reading books and mentoring teams. He is also a partner in startups including Truelinked, StoreChat and Tuang.

Joshua Capy

Joshua Capy

Technology Consultant

Joshua Capy has devoted his bulk of 25-year IT career designing and developing mission-critical software, many utilizing social networks and built from the ground up. He currently manages the on-site support for US Customers.

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