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To end the “Agent monopoly” and to make artists more independent and influential in the music business.


Sune Hjerrild is a renowned opera singer based in Denmark. He was the first Danish opera singer to be selected for the Operalia Placido Domingo World Opera Contest. He reached the semi final stage of the event. He also participated in the BBC Cardiff Singer of the World competition and earned many praises. Sune is a successful opera singer having performed at the Danish National Opera, sang Serenade Tenor at the Grand Canaries, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music festival, and many other prestigious events. He has won quite a number of awards for his singing and talent.


The project concept started when an opera singer, Sune Hjerrild, had a conversation with a fellow traveler on an Easter flight heading home. The two discussed the music industry and how agents had formed their own monopoly. Sune wanted a system that would end the agent monopoly in the Classical Music world and would also save the artists and businesses money. The project would provide classical musicians including opera singers, conductors (influencers), and stage directors a tool that would help them to connect and get jobs for each other without the need of an agent.


A solution was developed for the client based on the requirements. The solution, Truelinked, was developed in Drupal because Drupal is a feature rich open source CMS, search engine friendly, and offers extensive range of modules that can be added to enhance the website functionality. Drupal’s functionalities also met the client’s requirements which made it an easy choice to develop the solution in.
Truelinked differs from existing professional networking platforms since it is aimed at classical music business professionals. It eliminates the agent client employment model and gives the artists more freedom and independence from agents. It is a model where peers help peers. It gives employers the benefit to select as many artists as they prefer and help them select the right economic scope for the case. Truelinked uses specific tracking tools for creating cases on possible jobs and monitoring their progress. A 3% fee from the salary is paid to the person who initialized the contact that led to a job.
The peer to peer evaluation model makes Truelinked truly unique. It gives the employers the edge to know more about their clients by reading the reviews written by their peers. The peers write the reviews on their own unlike many other networking websites where people can select who should be their peers in order to get a favorable review.


Truelinked helps save artists and businesses money and time since it eliminates the middle man. It gives artists more freedom to select jobs. Truelinked’s dashboard enables artists to monitor their progress and receive information about new opportunities. Truelinked has also enabled artists to get jobs directly from employers or indirectly via their partners.


The project is still in process but’ the client has expressed his satisfaction over the work completed so far. Truelinked’s progress has exceeded the client’s expectations and fulfills his requirement. Using this service, the client will be able to save money and be in control of his own destiny.